Corvette C5-R Chronograph

by Sinn


Chevrolet Europe announced the Corvette C5-R Chronograph prior to the 2000 Le Mans 24h endurance race where the new Corvette C5-R race car made its debut. Both C5-Rs finished strong as 3rd and 4th in the GTS class (10th and 11th overall). Learn more about Corvette and Corvette Racing.

The C5-R Chronograph (a.k.a. "Model 303 Corvette") is based on the Model 303 "Autofahrerchronograph" (Drivers' Chronograph), manufactured by Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. It was produced as a limited edition of 500 units, available from July 2000 for a retail price of € 997.02.

Differences to the base model
Corvette C5-R Chronograph Model 303 (base model)
Limited edition yes, 500 units no
Serial number engraved on rotor none
Corvette emblem * on rotor (color) no
Day of the week, language English German
Bottom of casing, material * sapphire glass stainless steel,
sapphire glass (optional, extra cost)
Hands of stop watch, color * C5-R yellow red
Inscription below day and date * "Corvette C5-R" "Automatik"
* See page 4 of brochure for images


The complete brochure including operating instructions

You may download all five double pages and HTML files in one ZIP file (1.9 MB).

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