Police closing down Parliament St during student protest in London, 24 November 2010

London Student Protest.

Studentendemonstration in London.

Police closing down Parliament Street.

Polizeiabsperrung der Parliament Street.



2003-01-28: Cuban Cigar Prices in Europe

Prices current as of January 2003 (no further update planned)

Cuban Cigar Prices in Europe [HTML, 262 KB]
Cuban Cigar Prices in Europe [same HTML file, zipped, 14 KB]

Previous list (February 1999): [HTML, 129 KB] [HTML, zipped, 10 KB]
Steiner M22 military binocular

2002-08-04: Binocular M22, Operator's Manual

Operator's manual for the military binocular Steiner 7x50 M22
Sinn Corvette Watch

2000-09-12: Sinn Corvette C5-R Chronograph info page

Brochure and operator's manual for the Sinn Corvette C5-R Chronograph
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